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Май 2013














Enforcement Issues Related to Reforming the Civil Legislation
Following the Records of a Round Table Meeting with Participation of V.V. Vitryansky held on February 7, 2013


Peculiarities of Bankruptcy of Separate Categories of Debtors — Legal Entities
Following the Records of a Round Table Meeting with Participation of V.V. Vitryansky held on February 8, 2013


Problems of Corporate Legislation Application
Following the Records of a Round Table Meeting with Participation of L.A. Novoselova held on December 21, 2012


Enforcement Proceedings Issues
Records of a Round Table Meeting held on December 14, 2012







R.O. Opalev Towards Correlation between Proving and Legal Line of Argument in Civil and Arbitration Proceedings
This article concerns critical analysis of provisions of the national procedural theory, which extend the idea of judicial proving to cover the activities as to the proof of the findings in the case. The author raises the question of differentiation between proving and legal argumentation, including when cases are to be considered by courts of cassational and supervisory instance.
Keywords: legal platform of a case, logical proof
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V.G. Golubtsov, D.N. Latypov Contracts for Implementation of Target-Oriented Programs in the Russian Federation: Legal Nature of Relations
The main objective of this study is issue of whether it is lawful to apply Federal Law No. 94-FZ of July 21, 2005 On the Placement of Orders for the Delivery of Goods, Performance of Work, Rendering Services for State and Municipal Needs to the relations establishing in the context of conclusion and fulfillment of contracts when implementing the target-oriented investment programs by the Russian Government. The article describes the stance of commercial courts of Russia on the issue specified. The authors conclude that the indicated Law shall not apply to the group of relations concerned.
Keywords: Federal target-oriented investment program, budget investments, state client, state need, conditions to apply the Law On the Placement of Orders
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V.M. Bogdanov Legal Fate of Pledgery when introducing the Procedures of Observation and Bankruptcy Proceedings towards the Principal Debtor
The article considers the consequences supervening for the pledger in case when procedures of observation and bankruptcy proceedings are introduced towards the principal debtor. It is substantiated that the mentioned consequences vary depending on the fact which of the two procedures specified is applied in respect of the debtor.
Keywords: pledgery, observation, bankruptcy proceedings, and bankruptcy
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A.S. Ryabchikova Uncertainty concerning Brand Identity of Non-Profit Organizations
The author covers the problem of uncertainty concerning the brand identity of non-profit organizations in the light of the development and establishment of legal regulation of the institute of legal organizational forms for non-profit legal entities.
Keywords: legal organizational form of non-profit organizations, brand identity of non-profit organizations, the logo trademark of non-profit organization, symbology of public associations.
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